Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here we go...

Finish line bananas ROCK!!
Like many of you, I am excited that the weather has finally turned cool, allowing for increased miles and improved quality of my workouts.
I am training, once again, for the SHAMROCK MARATHON that will take place in approx 14 weeks. SO, this is the begining of this blog and this training season. With that I hope to gather a few friends that will help me to stay focused on this journey. In the mean time I will spend a few minutes each day keeping a diary of my training. Hopefully, by doing so, I will be able to get one or two others to feel the urge to get moving-- taking daily walks, begining their own training program for a 5 or 10k; or at least thinking about their own health and how day to day decisions impact how they will feel.... in this case 14 weeks from MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th 2011--- DAY 1 of this journey.

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