Saturday, December 17, 2011


This week was all about finding and applying this easy principle. In the past I have frequently struggled with the inability to start out at a running pace that would be sustainable or comfortable—one that makes since for my current level of training-- for the distance of the event or training run.
ECU Patriot Run 8k-- October 2010.

Like many of you; at the sound of the starting pistol, I go out hard, same for training runs, even after 4 years. In doing so, running became more of a chore than a simple habit to stay healthy.

So, when talking with Derek about developing my current training plan I new that I would have to focus on finding that comfort zone in my training and staying there. All week I ran the mile that I was in, regardless of how good I felt, I kept the pace at the prescribed time for the day.  

Running has, once again, taught me something about myself and the life I live-- that is that patience is a valuable characteristic that must be practiced in life and on the run. Distance running trains the mind and soul as much as it develops and strengthens the muscles of the legs, back and abdomen.

Through the application of this simple principle, the joy of running has returned and I am now looking forward to next week with great anticipation.

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