Sunday, December 11, 2011

Training Plan for WEEK 1

Total mileage for the week = 26.
Monday= 4 easy miles @ 10:30 pace.
Tuesday= REST/Xtrain.
Wednesday= SPEEDWORK 6 miles with one mile warmup then 3X1600 meters @ 8:28 pace.
                     1 mile cool down.
Thursday= 4 easy miles @ 10:30 pace.
Friday= REST.
Saturday= LSD (LONG SLOW DISTANCE), 12 miles @ 10:30 pace.
Sunday= REST/Xtrain.

I am not starting out on this venture cold, meaning that I am not fresh off the couch and planning to begin with week one @ 26 miles.
If you are coming from the couch and are interested in training plans, then I would encourage you to check out the following couch to 5k nine week training plan.
My training runs during the first few weeks will usually be morning runs, out the door by 5:30am, earlier as the distance increases.
DO you have good supportive shoes? Get to a professional shoe fitting if you plan to do this running thing long term. Once you are fitted consider getting your shoes from ROAD RUNNER SPORTS. >>The great thing about this company is that you often times get free shipping AND after paying $2 or so for VIP Benefits.... wait for it....
YES 90 days and if you decide on day 88 that the shoes are not for you then SEND THEM BACK!! Most of us will not need 88 days to decide but I find it a great benefit to be able to run outdoors for a few days to determine the fit over a 10 minute walk inside a store.
HYDRATE- HYDRATE- HYDRATE-- even in cold weather you have to drink water or your favorite sport drink.

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